The Premium Urban Variety show – APPUNTO SHUGA: A show for you, a show for me, a show for everybody

On the 13th of September 2019, a whole city will gather at the Event centre, Port-Harcourt to witness the very best of Port-Harcourt entertainment, a night to celebrate the culture and output of a rapidly growing Industry, Most Valuable Grand Daddy promises, Appunto Shuga will deliver.

Appunto Shuga is called the Urban Variety show, as it promises to be a Night of extraordinary Entertainment, this show will provide a platform for the best of the industry to perform, a show billed to have a stage backdrop that has never been seen in Nigeria before.

In Appunto Shuga, we should expect the best of Music, dance, and comedy. Three aspects of Port-Harcourt Entertainment that has grown considerably in the last two years.
Furthermore, we should expect a show of fashion, arts and crafts as well as awards.

Appunto Shuga is the vision of a single man, called the Most Valuable Grand Daddy of the Port-Harcourt Entertainment, and regarded as the most influential man in the Industry.

MVGD, Mr. Issac Utere is the CEO of Mediaworks, a super creative media outfit that built an airplane scene for a movie shoot in April.

Appunto Shuga has been endorsed by many Entertainment followers and stakeholders, as many have pledeged their support for the show and their loyalty to the man.

13th September is the day of Appunto Shuga, and what a history awaits.

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