5 reasons why Port-Harcourt based Artistes do not make it mainstream: The third reason is exactly what’s on your mind

The enormous talent in the Port-Harcourt Entertainment industry is unrivaled even by singers and vocalists in Lagos, the likes of Ajebo Hustlers, Dr. Barz and Eddieroll are evidence of the quality abound in the city, but wonder why they do not make it to the top of Nigerian Entertainment, despite being clearly better than half of the Lagos based Artistes?

phcityvibes.com takes a look at the 5 reasons why Port-Harcourt based Artistes do not make it mainstream.

1. No Official Publicity or Promotions

This is top and one of the main reasons why Port-Harcourt based Artistes do not make it mainstream. Many of them spend money on women and outfit, but never spend money on Publicity and Promotions, many disregard this most important factor as they feel say them go blow by theirself.

If you an artiste, Publicity is important, promotion is important. Abobi share the money.😁

2. Love and Street only Content

PH is self acclaimed Street Capital of the World. For this reason many Port-Harcourt Artistes believe they have to infuse the street vibes in their song in other to be relevant. But they disregard that their fanbase should not only be city dwellers, but lovers of music from all over the globe. Many Artistes are particularly guilty of this, if you are an Artiste you should be versatile and your music should help you get a large amount of fanbase, you should learn the professional way.

3. Self-Celeb factor (Aboy no dey jump for my front, nobody know you)

This is really a problem in the Industry as everyone feels they are mainstream already and so expect to be given the level of regard and respect earned by them Burnaboy, they forget that hardwork, loyalty and consistency are the most important factors

4. No Professional Packaging

They say Port-Harcourt girls too like oshofree, but literally, Port-Harcourt Artistes too like oshofree.

They want free beats, free music production, free publicity, and automatic shows, common boy, music ain’t a joke, music is business. Rihanna spends money for these things, Burna spends money, Wizkid, Dandizzy. Common be professional and yem ego.

5. They disregard Social media (Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter handle)

You no go blow from your Facebook timeline

This is becoming a slogan used by Social media Managers and Talent managers in the city. An estimated 80% of Port-Harcourt based Artistes connect their fans on their Facebook timelines, a little have Facebook page, and twitter and Instagram handles.

If you are an Artiste, you should be on all media platforms where your potential fans are, that is the very first step in moving ahead.

If you are an Artiste and you fix this, you are one step closer to your blow, work hard, be consistent and stay loyal, e go be!

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