RATING: Port-Harcourt Top 5 Songs in 2019

2019 has really been a good year for Port-Harcourt music and Port-Harcourt music industry in general, with many of our top Artistes raising the bar on their performances from last year.

phcityvibes.com brings you the top 5 songs of 2019 from Port-Harcourt city!

5. HOW E DEY BE: (Dj Skylo ft Eddieroll X Young Stunna)

This song was set up by Dj. Skylo, he features street King, Abobi Eddieroll on this one, with Young Stunna, a self acclaimed street King 😙.

This song is one that qualifies for an Original street anthem with Abobi Eddieroll bringing in his A game on this. It’s a sure listen.

4. FARABALE (1da Banton)

Farabale us a love song recorded by Port-Harcourt loverboy, 1da Banton. While this song is not popular as an Original Port-Harcourt sound, it’s influence cannot be underestimated as it has brought smiles to the faces ofmusic lovers across the city and Nigeria in general.

3. FOCUS (Dr. Barz)

Abobi focus oh, make your kappa no loss.

Focus is a single that was recorded and released by Dr. Barz, the single is one that gives advise about life in the city, giving premium regard to the street. Dr. Barz who has become popular for his street type records. For anyone that wants to know about the culture of the city through music, then this should be a sure listen.

2. ANNABELLA (Ajebo Hustlers)

Anabella was the most anticipated song of 2019, after the release of a short video clip by Ajebo Hustlers, fueling rumours of the new single.

It is a love song with a highlife tempo in which the duo showed their versatility in beats.

1.WHO GOES THERE (Dandizzy)

Who goes there is a street viral single by Lekwe Dandizzy Obatago, the song which went viral with zero promotion is regarded as the Number one song out of the city at the moment, as Dandizzy brought his lyrical Masterclass into this street infused single.

According to phcityvibes.com this is the list of the Top 5 songs released in 2019 in Port-Harcourt.


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