Opinion from the sidelines: The PH entertainment scene – Evans Aguiyi |PHEV Manager

So its three months and counting and I am coming up to speed with the ups and downs, gains and losses, hitches and hikes, negativities, rumors, factions, wars and politics rocking the Port-Harcourt entertainment scene.
It’s painful to note that many so-called entertainers in this city; be it performing acts, organizers and media houses have allowed sentiment, factions, and politics creep into what ordinarily should be purely business, and most of all the love and passion for the industry.

The hustling spirit for the entertainment industry is totally missing in Port-Harcourt, you see upcoming artistes whose fanbase is just their immediate family and a few friends (who manage to share their content…make e no be like sey dem no dey support am) carry themselves like they have arrived, like they are entitled to some millions of naira, like they have made it in life, when their songs have not even crossed the border of their street and most are singing absolute rubbish!
Now those that are even trying to raise the bar don’t get appreciated and it is very painful and worrisome when you see artistes in Port-Harcourt paying event organizers to perform in shows.(this is the height of human wickedness). Event organizers tend to enslave these desperate young people, instead of appreciating them and encouraging them with a few naira, they somehow try to make them lick their shoes just because they see how desperate they are for fame.

PORT-HARCOURT ENTERTAINMENT VILLAGE: The One Stop Entertainment center where greatness is born.

Support for the industry
In a land flowing with milk and honey where you have the biggest of the big boys, oil tycoons, top businessmen, top companies, you hardly see these elite class picking up talents and supporting them, why are people running to Lagos? It’s simple, one small big boy in Lagos sees a talent and picks him up, spend money on him and lifts him up to limelight, but it seems like the elite class can’t have enough of the numerous beauties (them too like nyash for here) in the state, they seem to get a better return on investments on women than talents. Why won’t everyone try to run to lagos, but the sad news is that those running to Lagos end up running back to Port-Harcourt when they jam the level of competition there, my brother and sister, you don’t need to run to Lagos to blow, PH is a virgin land, conquer your city before searching for more colonies. I took time to call a lot of entertainers in Lagos and other cities asking them if they have heard or knew anything about some of the self-acclaimed superstars here, its rather unfortunate that most of those parading themselves here as stars cannot even near some kinds of auditions and competitions outside the state.


Organize a show in PH and even make it free, you’d still see empty seats, why? People are afraid for their lives, we all know that most events are slated for evenings and nights, but the fear of the following phrases ‘Who goes”, “Aborbi”, “wida you” etc. has rendered many shows and events empty.

The government really needs to drastically arrest the security challenges in the state, it is pathetic to know that 8 out of 10 young people are affiliated to one cult/gang or the other and its as bad as young people in secondary and primary schools are actively initiated and getting involved.


Packaging/ Internet presence

Upcoming artistes should learn to package themselves well, it’s not a bad idea to learn how to post across all platforms or get a personal blogger or content writer/profile builder; In this city, FB has remained the traditional platform for users, but if you want to go beyond the city it’s time you get more active on Instagram and twitter.

Event organizers and planners would want to check out your profile on these platforms; it’s called a Portfolio, build one for yourself. I’ve seen video editors, artistes and more looking for consideration for employment and I can’t even find one thing about them and their supposed skills online. The painful part is that a video editor don’t even have a personal laptop, a musician looking to be signed don’t even have his songs anywhere or a phone to share his tracks with you, a graphic editor comes to your office and can’t even show you samples of his work. You ask me to pay you to perform and you don’t even have up to 100 followers on Instagram or twitter, you check their pages and it’s as dry as kpanla; Nothing come out. The interest in ‘Choppings” and undeserved entitlements is killing the industry.

Port-Harcourt Entertainment Village

In summary, I’d like all stakeholders in the entertainment industry to up their game. Most are just good at making noise at what they have and when you check them out they have virtually made no impact in the industry.(only mouth). The future is bright, extremely bright that the entertainment stakeholders in this city need shades. The potential of this industry is yet to be taped and now is the time….let’s wake up!


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