Belema Nelson Onikio, the CEO of Onunuboy International is our feature for Crown Entrepreneur this week!
Belema who is from Okrika in River State Nigeria established Onunuboy International in 2018, a company that makes and delivers Onunu and any kind of Peppersoup, a native food of the Kalabari and Okrika people of Rivers State.

We asked to know the reason for this very unique path Business
“I’ve always loved making Onunu, I mean this is the only food my mum of Blessed memory taught me and I don’t ever regret it. ”
And yes, that is the Entrepreneurial magic as only one idea is the reason why men become Kings.

Generating capital is a major problem entrepreneurs face before start-up, the task of raising funds for the venture have really stalled many aspiring entrepreneurs, we asked Belema how it was possible for him to overcome this challenge.
“Well, I’ve really not raised a capital for my business since I started.” he says
“I’ve only been making do of the cash I find in my hand and so far it’s been great.”
Belema who believes that one has to keep pushing since start-ups are the most difficult started Onunuboy International as a student, he shares with us his an interesting story on the birth of Onunuboy International.
“I started making Onunu at the Age of 9, My Mother always ask me to stand close to her while she’s pounding.
I’ve not always had luck working under someone, and also a man of many talents but I have strong passion in cooking.
So on the 18th of December, I promised a friend a plate of Onunu and Chicken Peppersoup and boom, the idea popped in and here we are today.”

Belema, Onunuboy International is something that should make you really proud…
“I really appreciate, man has to do what’s necessary to make ends meet” he says, a very true philosophy driving millions of start-ups all over the world.

We asked Belema what message he had for young entrepreneurs who may be facing challenges in their business.
“Well, with all humility, I’m still coming up but then, I’ll just say this;

Discouragement with come but don’t give in, don’t wait until you gather capital to start that business. Start with what you have and where you are. Learn to keep your plans to yourself because people can’t run down what they don’t know.
Develop yourself, go for seminars, spend money to be better and also, learn to stay humble so as To get access to people that matters.”

Belema Nelson Onikio is a progressive Nigerian who is solving the very problems of our society through Entrepreneurship, helping to shape the future with just an idea, venturing on a unique path of industry and feeding the city of Port-Harcourt with great tasty meal, it is for this reason that he is This week feature of Crown Entrepreneur!


You are the next in line!
What is that business idea you have? What is that business you’ve always wanted to own? You could be the CEO of a million naira establishment, you just have to start it! Stop sleeping and wake up to follow the path! Chase your entrepreneurial dream and be the next feature of PHCityVibes Crown Entrepreneur!

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CROWN ENTREPRENEUR is a category that headlines young business leaders in the city of Port-Harcourt, it is published every Teusday at 10:00AM |Nigerian time


  1. Onunu that my 4months old baby sucked from my breast and smiled although….. Very tasty
    Onunu 2 d world
    May jah enlarge ur coast Belema


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