CROWN ENTREPRENEUR: “I told the Police Officers, I am legal, I am registered, and pay my tax” – Chidiebere Wisdom | CEO – Wiztech Ventures

Chidiebere Wisdom, who hails from Abia State Nigeria, the CEO of Wiztech Ventures is our week feature of Crown Entrepreneur!
Chidiebere Wisdom who is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri started Wiztech Ventures over three years ago while in school. a business that deals on Bitcoin, Gift Card Exchange, Rmb Exchange and Fiat Currency Exchange.

What was your motivation behind Wiztech Ventures, a super effort in the Entrepreneurial path?
“I really want to become a big time bureau de change, and big exchange agent.”
That is super for one, in a society where entrepreneurs are leading the future, people who are genuinely solving the problems of the society.
Like many Entrepreneurs encounter challenges in generating capital for start-up, Wisdom admits that it was a worry for him.
“You know how it is, if I had more money to start up, Wiztech would have been bigger than it is now” Nevertheless, he believes starting is the important thing.
He shares with us a story on his start-up.

“When I started, my friends told me it was a risky enterprise and predicted that one day, Bitcoin would crash, but I thought with believe, this thing I am doing is bringing returns, I continued for two to three years, and Bitcoin didn’t disappear, so instead of listening to them, I put in more efforts and expanded to cards, and today, I exchange even print notes, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.”
He advises young entrepreneurs not to be discouraged as long as they believe in what they do.

An incident which happened sometime in his business career, where he was stopped by Police officers who thought he wasn’t true in his business, but with evidence he told them

“I am legal, I am registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and I pay my tax” and that was it.

Chidiebere Wisdom is an Entrepreneur who is using his initiative and idea to create a place for himself in our society, he is our feature for Crown Entrepreneur this week!

You can contact him on +2348062607192 or click here connect with him on WhatsApp

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  1. his story is inspiring, I started my business with just 14k in 2014, today I count in millions


  2. 😂😂 a cousin friend of mine experienced the same with the police in February, he had to bring them down to ibadan to collect papers😂


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