SABI-SABI (Episode four): The PH Street diary) As narrated by Street Person based on a true Port-Harcourt city experience

Jerome see, wetin street see that year no be chaise oh, that year when niggas dey run matters, nobody dey cough, no be now na wey Ojor dey mant niggas anyhow. That year we dey cutout with them, you know as e be.
But that evening wey them overboard Ugosi bros for Mile 2, wey make Ugosi so run reach bunk, that Ugosi bros wey street hear say em follow Niggas dey drag em phone, see Jonsing pal, na why them nak am shot.
Now em small bros done frustrate, Ugo wake for the morning dey ask wetin sup, the matters done go round say na em bros go down, me sef con reason am say the Ugo get luck, because ‘leave no trace’ na wetin the street teach us.
Now this manchi need start back em life, 14 years old that year no be small pikin o, men begin chook am pin say make e come along, but wetin concern me? I enter keke, discharge.
I reach crib that day for afternoon, when sun dey hammer people head, you know those PH sun wey dey carry grudges.
As I reach house that day naim I come dey hear wetin sup.
Say see the way the matter play.
Ugosi bros do business with Niggas base on alignment, you know say em get shop wey em dey work phone for Garrison? Say e get the Nigga wey em sell phone give, now the matter come burst for Rumuokoro down.
The Nigga come back to collect em money, you no street matters who no see no see, but base on the tight man wey them be, them gax put ginger, Ugosi bros still no hear o, naim em come involve Ojor!!
Matter wor-wor! This matter tire me to hear.
So as e be so, evening time naim the men follow come crib, with tools wey dey their nika, Ugo bros con still follow them dey drag phone, you see as things be, that pal na jonsing pal, Anywhere em spirit dey, make them jax am down, you know as e be.

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