SABI-SABI (EPISODE ONE): The PH Street diary) As narrated by Street Person based on a true Port-Harcourt city experience

Na strolling strolling me and Jerome stroll reach bunk naim we dey reason the matters wey you dey read so.
“Pass me that lighter, Bros”
“Jerome, see as e be”.

You see for this PH so, I done stay teh o, I dey this town back then Soboma George them dey worry, Odili enter Government, komot, we dey, dey fire our dope, that year sef, Oluchi na Children, wey never get big nyash.
But, you see, we done dey the street, we done see people rise and fall, we done see the benefits, we done see the loss, na the street naim make Ugosi dey rock slam.
But still on a normal matters, nobody holy, even the Government wey you see so no dey carry Omo baff, little little things dey their cupboard, but na me and you them go cramp go keep.
When I been dey grow, Aunty Ada na our neighbour, that fine yellow sisi, wey Uncle Ibe marry come, Aunty Ada carry too much fine dey blind people eye, that year for the street, we dey stay Mile 2.
Aunty Ada wake up one morning water dey her door, she para, Wida na who be this person, say she be Imo state barny, weda we no know her matters, naim she burst out Bible and Olive oil she begin cabbash.
Aunty Ada now done go turn Pastor, every night for the yard naim her voice dey rass, My Mama sef no cone dey get the jerk, Vero, next morning carry her bag discharge.
This Vero so, na Ada next door neighbor, Vero wey get big nyash wey dey work hotel, yes na, that Vero wey Aunty Ada husband been dey fuck, that year when Uncle never marry Ada.