Alonge Lisa Fayokemi, a graduate of economics in the University of Port-Harcourt, and the Founder of Nobless Edibles, a proud cake brand in the city of Port-Harcourt who puts in so much time to deliver is our feature for the first ever edition of Crown Entrepreneur!

Alonge started Nobless Edibles as a student, balancing between studies and business, started from cupcakes and chops, today Nobless Edibles is a loud cake brand in PH City, known for great taste and quality cakes.
“I am proud of how well the brand has developed over the years and is still developing” Lisa says.

“It requires you to put in so much time to the business to ensure you keep dishing out a good brand product each time your customers buy from you, It’s been a super interesting Journey”

And ofcourse it should be, as entrepreneurship is a journey of discovery, learning everyday by experience and managing staff and resources.
In a world where many graduates are waiting on the Government to provide for them a sustainable living, Alonge Lisa established a brand she’s proud of.
How did you choose cake making among thousands of other entrepreneurial paths, Lisa, what was the reason for this choice?

“I will say cake making choose me, I wasn’t really a fan of cake making from the on-set because of the stress involved, but here I am, the feedbacks from clients keep making me love the art the more”.

It’s no doubt why Nobless Edibles has become so successful in feeding phcity with good tasty cakes, but how smooth have the journey been, are there also challenges or it’s been rosy all along?

“Challenges so far has been much, from finance to getting some really vital equipment to having to attend classes to help you improve your skills and stuff, so my advise to young entrepreneurs is to stay Innovative, creative and try to be at the top of their game.
Keep improving and striving to get better everyday, you will enjoy the work vy doing so.”

Alonge Lisa Fayokemi is an example of what a progressive youth should be, leading her line of business, helping to solve a vital problem in society, with so much determination to succeed and be better.
It is for this reason that she is this weeks Crown entrepreneur!

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