SABI-SABI (The PH street diary)

As narrated by Street Person based on a true Port-Harcourt City experience.

No be small thing oh, everybody just dey do their own for this town. Niggas dey the street dey hustle full time so that them fit meet up with one or two, even the Barnies sef done enter street, everybody chook eye for ground dey grind.
The other day when I sit down with Jerome for bunk dey align matters naim em come dey clear me say Ojor done cramp Ugosi, say Ugosi done go station like this o, say them say them been dey with tools naim make Ojor burst their house for the night time o, carry men put for van, that night Area rass!

Chei Paddy, like this now Ugo dey station, the kind collecting em go done collect naim dey krase me, Ugo wey dey weld iron for Mile 3 dey carry hold em side, now em dey rock slam.

But wetin really happen sef?
Who go give us clear compass?

Correct People them, My name na Street Person, for the hood when I dey, them dey call me Sabi-Sabi, because I dey cap my mind as e be, who naked no dey chook hand for pocket o.
Follow me stroll make we reach PH City make I tell you things as e happen for the street. For here no joy oh, Niggas dey para for government make them face their office work, leave street hand.
Follow me make we lap Dédë Collect dope abeg, my eye need open make I dey confirm things clearly.
Dédë place no too far, na just around that market shores.

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