Addiction to God’s word and prayer helped Salvation Ministries – David Ibiyeomie | As mega Ministry celebrates 22nd anniversary

It was awesome in God’s presence today as Salvation Ministries (Home of Success) celebrates 22 years of God’s love and abundant blessings.

In his sermon, the Minister of God, Pastor David Ibiyeomie talked about obtaining help from God, emphasizing that God cannot work for you beyond your mindset.

He noted that having a big dream from the beginning, and being focused on God’s assignment were the factors that made the Ministry progress.

While faith in God was necessary, the believe in God’s word and prayer were the bedrock upon which Salvation Ministries was laid.

The impact the ministry have made in our society cannot be overemphasized, while providing worship centers in Many states in Nigeria and abroad, Salvation Ministries boasts of a wide reach in it’s charity line, providing help and assistance to thousands of people all over the world.

Today, PHCityVibes joins the millions of people all over the World to say Happy Anniversary and wish God’s unending blessings to continue to rain on the Ministry, and on God’s servant, Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

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  1. Pastor Ibiyeomie is both a creative and motivational speaker, I love his pattern so much!! He’s a 21st century preacher


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