Dandizzy, Ajebo Hustlers and Dr. Barz drop their flows on the #fvckyoucover trend by Kiss Daniel


Stréet Person done carry come again from the Twitter shores as e happen, no be small thing o, everybody for twitter just dey cry out about the Barnies wey fall their hand.

Mr. Vado, Kiss Daniel na, that boy wey been dey follow Chidinma up and down dey form lover boy done cry put oh, say the Barny fall em hand, say she dey sell market for plenty plenty people, no be chaise.🤣🤣

As everywhere burst for the Twitter shores naim many Artistes follow dey chook mouth, dey talk their own different talk about how their barnies fall their hand.

As e dey happen naim our own correct Port-Harcourt artistes say make them drop the PH flows as e dey be for this side.

Dandizzy say em dey call the Barny but em no know say she dey on top of preeq.🤣🤣🤣

No be small thing o.

Ajebo Hustlers come drop their own😆

Dr. Barz say every Saturday while em dey dey hustle, the Barny go dey carry am dey play, dey cover duvet.

Pitakwa People… Which person drop the best cover?

Then tell us your own #fvckyou story for the comments…

Our Favourite na Dr. Barz!

Who goes there!! Abeg pass the lighter for me.

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