Election Message: Vote Not Fight

Today, we Nigerians have another opportunity to decide our future and that of this great Nation.

Our choice of Candidates will decide the fate of the greatest black Nation on earth.

We encourage all to go out today and Vote, not fight. Stay away from electoral violence, do not forget that only those who are alive today will vote again in 4 years, do not risk your lives to deliver your candidates.

We are all we’ve got

Nigeria is our country and the only Nation we can call Our Own, we have to come out and love this country, we have today in our hands the power to choose a direction for Nigeria, we can only do this with our Permanent Voters Card, come out today and vote for a better future for Nigeria and Nigerians, our vote is our power, we can do it if we believe.

From all of us at PhCityVibes, we wish you a Violence free election.