Street Culture: “Garni” – Overview of the popular Port-Harcourt street slang

Hello! World people!

Haven been renowned for it’s ever growing street presence, the city of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria remains unrivaled for it’s Street Culture.

Today on Street Culture, we bring to you the popular slang used by street dwellers…”Garni“.

Garni is a Port-Harcourt street slang that means to walk, to go it means to be walking as in You too dey garni, I want garni, that Barny too dey garni.

Garni has been a Port-Harcourt street slang from time, as it didn’t come through a trend.

Garni Usage

  • I wan Garni – I want to be going
  • I been see Sochi dey garni go dis. side – I saw Sochi going this way.
  • You jus dey garni – You’re just walking about.

Garni is very popular in Port-Harcourt City, however spoken by a lesser population in Omoku and Bayelsa state.

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