Reno Omokri launches free Buses for Nigerian Voters

Greetings World people.

Today, I done carry matter come as e dey happen for Twitter, The trend of the Moment na #BussesForDemocracy.

After the postponement of the Election wey suppose hold last Saturday, many Naija people come dey para, say Government done waste their money, say inshort, them no go vote again, because say them no fit pay for transport two times.

Reno Omokiri come reason the matter, say wait o, Na Nigeria we dey try to defend and protect, say na Our Democracy naim important pass to dey do broom and umbrella play.

Naim em provide sharp sharp solution to the matter, say as e be, em go Provide free Bus for voters.

Everybody wey e be say na vote you want go vote, no shaking, lap, bus dey for you.

Other Naija people come put body for the #BussesForDemocracy trend, say the Free Busses goes well oh, and say them sef… Them ready vote again.

How una see am?


  1. Nice plan, but my question is, what about after election, don’t Nigerians deserve free transportation? #RenoOmokiri


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