“Wida” – Overview of the popular Port-Harcourt street slang

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Haven been renowned for it’s ever growing street presence, the city of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria remains unrivaled for it’s Street Culture.

Today on Street Culture, we bring to you the popular slang used by street dwellers…”Wida”

Wida is a Port-Harcourt street slang that means “What’s up” in “Wida na” exchanged between close friends aimed at enquiring the state of things.

It is a unique word that over the years have become a very popular slang, and yet not everyone use it due to misinterpretation.

Wida can sometimes or most times sound harshly in “Wida You” which is used by one to another during a confrontation, in this place, it is used in place of vulgar terms which may not be very friendly.
All over Rivers State and Bayelsa, the term Wida has become a most mentioned word, which at times may be relatively interpreted.

As part of the exportation of the Port-Harcpurt Street Culture, renowned Singer and Popular street ambassador, Eddieroll released a record, Wida you, which he creatively demonstrated in music the Original Port-Harcourt street culture, using Wida You as a hook.

Today in Nigeria, Wida is widely used across Rivers and Bayelsa, as it has become a compound word used by those in the know.

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