Buhari don fling Chief Justice things outside

Na Abuja I from dey come like this, No be small thing Baba, Like this… Buhari done carry Chief Justice of Nigeria wey be Justice Onnoghen things fling outside.

Yesterday like this naim em bossout Council chamber for Presidential Villa, carry microphone, tell Chief Justice – Hesh! Wey you, I done suspend you like this, carry your things dey go before you go collect, we still dey observe wetin dey happen, Next thing, for Chief Justice front there naim em still tell Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed wey be the Senior wetin-wetin say, Abobi, lap. Na you go dey act as Chief Justice yet.

This small news naim make Twitter people just dey rant. Say them sef them dey know wetin dey happen, some say eh, Buhari, we go chook leg for one trouser if you no komot for February.

As everywhere rass, na so I bossout with my yarn. You hold razler there?

How e be na… I for like make you like our Facebook page o, Make we talk proper.

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