“Ali” (The Earth goddess) in Ogbaland, ONELGA, River State.

Ali is an earth goddess recorgnised throughout the Ogba Kingdom, Ali is regarded as the symbol of community, she is believed to have conceived the world in her womb, she is responsible for reproduction and is police over the activities of all individuals.

Every community in Ogba dedicates a shrine to this goddess and refers to it as Iheali. Throughout all towns and villages, this shrine is positioned at the centre of every community, in every farmland a shrine is equally dedicated to this deity, this means that the activities of Ali is accepted by all. The location of this shrine in the farmland is usually a flood free area, the position need not be the central location but a kum place for both humans and non-human beings.

This deity is edged around with some prohibitive rules (things and things) at home every eke day is considered sacred and no work is done on the earth. Even digging and setting up a big fire, except for cooking.

The earth goddess keeps surveillance, in the event of any wrong doing such as stealing, witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry adultery and other acts of pollution, the culprit is inflicted with an illness.

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